My name is Joseph Gerard Woods, born and raised in Mississippi, mainly around Jackson. I currently reside in the town of Starkville, where I attend classes at MSU. Pursuing a bachelor’s in fine arts with an emphasis in painting, I will graduate this spring. Once finished I will be able to start focusing more on my art, employing the things I learned on campus. 
Painting is my center in life, I have always known this to be my destiny. Playtime for me often consisted of drawing, and no wonder! I grew up in a family of very artistic people, who have greatly influenced, inspired me. 
My work now focuses on both the figure rendered from life, and the non-representational, meshed together in this marriage of my reality and the subconscious “dream” world. And often as a constant theme, growth and the journey seems to be the undercurrent through all.
I also take commissions from clients, often portraiture, in either painting or drawing.